Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Steal Me by Lauren Layne

Where do I even start?! Lauren Layne has blown me away again. She is one of my all time favorite romance authors, covering all types of romance I love. From second chances to sports romance, she'll never disappoint! Steal Me is the second installment in her New York's Finest series, following the legendary Moretti family in the NYPD. It can be read as a stand-alone but I would recommend reading Frisk Me to get the whole experience. And with a little side note: If you love the show Blue Bloods, you will love this series!

As the oldest son of the Moretti family and Captain of the NYPD, Anthony deals with all types of drama in his life. On one end of the table, his father, former NYPD commissioner, keeps him on his toes about current cases. While on the other end, his Nonna loves to put his love life under the scope. With no complete answer to either case, he'll just have to deflect them until he does. The only way is to have no distractions...and Maggie is definitely a distraction.

Starting over after a disastrous marriage, the Darby Diner is the only place where Maggie Walker can make ends meet. Long hours and late shifts may be a couple downsides but seeing the faces of the Moretti family every Sunday morning is always something to look forward to...especially Anthony's. After a rough start of unintentional spills and grimaces, a case brings them together. In order to catch a sly serial thief, they'll have to cooperate, even through all the hot, heavy, sexual tension.

Everything about the book was amazing: plot line, character development, dynamics of secondary characters, and most importantly: chemistry. Romance without chemistry is like an adventure without plans. Can't have one without the other! And oh boy did Lauren Layne build that chemistry to an explosive romance. I love how Lauren took her time to build the tension. It's like falling in the love with the characters while they fall in love with each other. You can't help but fall for Anthony's brooding behavior and Maggie's fearlessness, just like Darcy and Lizzy. Who wouldn't want a Darcy hero? The plot had a great balance: as many thrills as there were laughs, from swoon-worthy moments to sexy times, and cameos of former couples and possible new ones. Lauren Layne knows exactly draw you in. My absolute favorite part of the book is the family dynamic. I just love how close they all are. Everyone is so relatable and likable. Especially Nonna! Her need to mettle with her grand children's love lives reminds me of another one of my favorite series, The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken. If you are also into suspense romances, like Julie James, you are in for a treat with Steal Me. All I can say is that it's one of my favorites of the year!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

First Touch by Laurelin Paige

When I read the description for First Touch, I knew it would be a pretty amazing read. It had a mix of romance, mystery, suspense and thriller. The second you start reading, you won't be able to put it down.

What would you do if you got a voicemail from a friend you haven't heard in years? You would return their call and make plans to catch up, right? Well, it wasn't easy for Emily's case. When her former best friend, Amber, calls out of the blue, two spoken words sent chills up Emily's spine. Their safety words. They always looked out for one another, especially during messy times. With no way to return contact, it made matters worse.

The only way to find Amber is to trace back to the last place she was seen, on an exclusive ranch with Reeve Sallis. He was Emily's last connection to Amber and she would do whatever it takes to find out what happened to her. Seducing him won't be a problem but falling for him might as she spends time to gain his trust and unlock his secrets.

Everything about the book was so intense: the plot line, interactions, and chemistry between Reeve and Emily, You can't tell if they were acting or if it was real. They were both manipulative, using each other for their own benefits. But, they didn't know until its too late. His domineering nature smoothed out her restlessness while her hotheadedness made him more protective. With Emily digging deeper to find Amber, you don't know if you can trust Reeve. Is Amber just missing or is she dead? The plot line just drew you in and wouldn't let go. Even to the last page. You just might bang your head against the wall, wanting to know what will happen next.

5 STARS - Loved it!