Saturday, September 26, 2015


As I sit here waiting
Waiting for you to come
My mind flashes back
Back to when you've gone

Silence had taken over
Over a single moment
Where everything went dark
Darker than we expected

Before words were spoken
Spoken irrationally and untrue
You knew how I felt
Felt about loving you

As things slowly changed
Changed to understanding
How deception can ruin
Ruin everthing we had created

Walls have been built
Built against our better judgement
Refusing to accept love
As love began to diminish

Was I wrong to wait
Waiting for your return
Can it be fixed
Fixed or completely done

Thursday, September 24, 2015

No Interest In Love by Cassie Mae

Cassie Mae has done it again! I just love love love her books. Her stories are unique, funny, charming, and such a cute read. I just couldn't stop smiling. No Interest In Love one of those stories where you're not looking for love but end up falling when you least expect it. 

Jace and Shay have know each other for years but only through several random encounters. When fate throws them together again, she is assigned as his agent and help him land his next major role. While she was immune to his advances before, she could do it again right? He's the type of guy she doesn't want, a guy who wants only one night with no attachment or love. And she's the type of girl he doesn't need, a girl who wants to be taken seriously. As a new role opens up across the country, Shay will have to do whatever it takes to prove to herself that she can do her job without anything getting in the way. What begins as simple as a one way plane trip turns into a series of mishaps and an unexpected road trip. As things begin to fall apart, they each reveal something new along the way. Things you can't help but fall for. 

I love the dynamic between Jace and Shay. After those run-ins over the years, they developed this playful banter filled with inside jokes, slight smiles, and never ending arguments. You just can't help but wonder why they aren't together. Although they have their reasons, they can always find their way around them. Jace is such a charming character. Since it is from his POV, you can't help but swoon over the thoughts that ran through his head when their dynamic changes throughout the trip. He does go through quite a bit of character development and I love the way Mae has written it. I like how Jace discovers more about himself and doesn't know what he wants until it's right in front of him. 

I love the format of the book. Instead of the usual chapters, days and times marked the start and end of their journey. It's actually a refreshing change and you get reeled in even more.

4.5 STARS - Really liked it!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Doing It For Love by Cassie Mae

I have loved Cassie Mae's How To series and after reading this blurb, I was excited for it because it was different. Most books describe the process of falling in love that may or may not lead to a happy ever after. But not many books describe what happens the ever after. What happens after the years you have been together where the love isn't is as exciting as it used to be but is still there? When it's not as spontaneous and became more of a routine? Mae was able to capture that aspect and turn it around.
Liz Fanning and Landon Wangford have met Freshman year in college and hit it off right at the start. Years have past and everything is not as romantic as it used to be. Real life and responsibilities take the front seat. Landon is busy directing a movie while Liz works overtime to make ends meet. Exhaustion takes over so how do they have time for each other? While Liz wants the strawberries and whip cream, they'll have to settle for the peas and carrots. When Landon pops the question, Liz tries to rekindle the love by placing a bet on the table, hoping to make the wedding day more special. 

The plot had great character development. Even though they each want something different in the beginning, they slowly begin to discover new insecurities about each other and changes happen. Although the love is always there, the process of preparing for the wedding, getting along with your future in-laws, and saving up for the honeymoon have added a few problems along the way. They just have to figure out how to get around it without losing some love in the process. 

It is a cute read! It didn't quite capture my attention in the beginning because you just have to be in the mood to read a certain book. But after putting it on hold and coming back to it, I actually really liked it despite putting it down. After all the little discoveries and falling into a deeper love they never knew they had, I love how it ended. Overall, it was a great read!

4 STARS - Really liked it! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sounds Like Me - My Life (so far) in Song by Sara Bareilles

This is actually my first non-fiction book I've reviewed and I'm so glad it was Sara Bareilles'. She is such an amazing song writer and I knew she'll be able to take us on her life journey. 

It's always a treat to get to know the artist behind the music. All the emotions artists have to process while writing, recording and performing should be told to help listeners get the full experience. Then you get a better connection to your artist! I believe Sara was able to do that. 

There was a great flow with the layout of the book. I love how each chapter of her journey was titled after one of her songs. It makes the chapters even more unique. Sara was able to captivate my attention with her experiences of heartbreak, struggles, and break-throughs. When you know the story behind the song, you actually appreciate it much more. Gravity has to be my favorite chapter with Brave as a close second. In one sitting, I have cried, laughed, and smiled. (People might've thought I was crazy haha) Her stories show you that people can go through similar struggles and emotions. The only difference is finding your way around it. 

I also love how she incorporated letters and stories written by the people she have met (friends, artists, and fans). She also changed up her style by having a chapter dedicated to letters she has written to her 13 yr. old self. It actually made me want to write letters to my future/past self. By incorporating all these personal materials, you can feel the connection. 

I know this book might have been a struggle to write for Sara but I think she did an amazing job. I wish she was able to come to Philadelphia for a book tour because it would be different experience to meet her in person. But it didn't make the cut, which I totally understand with her busy schedule with Waitress and new album release! I can't wait to see what she has next up her sleeve because I know she'll be awesome at it too!

4 STARS - Really liked it!