Monday, September 21, 2015

Sounds Like Me - My Life (so far) in Song by Sara Bareilles

This is actually my first non-fiction book I've reviewed and I'm so glad it was Sara Bareilles'. She is such an amazing song writer and I knew she'll be able to take us on her life journey. 

It's always a treat to get to know the artist behind the music. All the emotions artists have to process while writing, recording and performing should be told to help listeners get the full experience. Then you get a better connection to your artist! I believe Sara was able to do that. 

There was a great flow with the layout of the book. I love how each chapter of her journey was titled after one of her songs. It makes the chapters even more unique. Sara was able to captivate my attention with her experiences of heartbreak, struggles, and break-throughs. When you know the story behind the song, you actually appreciate it much more. Gravity has to be my favorite chapter with Brave as a close second. In one sitting, I have cried, laughed, and smiled. (People might've thought I was crazy haha) Her stories show you that people can go through similar struggles and emotions. The only difference is finding your way around it. 

I also love how she incorporated letters and stories written by the people she have met (friends, artists, and fans). She also changed up her style by having a chapter dedicated to letters she has written to her 13 yr. old self. It actually made me want to write letters to my future/past self. By incorporating all these personal materials, you can feel the connection. 

I know this book might have been a struggle to write for Sara but I think she did an amazing job. I wish she was able to come to Philadelphia for a book tour because it would be different experience to meet her in person. But it didn't make the cut, which I totally understand with her busy schedule with Waitress and new album release! I can't wait to see what she has next up her sleeve because I know she'll be awesome at it too!

4 STARS - Really liked it!

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