Thursday, September 24, 2015

No Interest In Love by Cassie Mae

Cassie Mae has done it again! I just love love love her books. Her stories are unique, funny, charming, and such a cute read. I just couldn't stop smiling. No Interest In Love one of those stories where you're not looking for love but end up falling when you least expect it. 

Jace and Shay have know each other for years but only through several random encounters. When fate throws them together again, she is assigned as his agent and help him land his next major role. While she was immune to his advances before, she could do it again right? He's the type of guy she doesn't want, a guy who wants only one night with no attachment or love. And she's the type of girl he doesn't need, a girl who wants to be taken seriously. As a new role opens up across the country, Shay will have to do whatever it takes to prove to herself that she can do her job without anything getting in the way. What begins as simple as a one way plane trip turns into a series of mishaps and an unexpected road trip. As things begin to fall apart, they each reveal something new along the way. Things you can't help but fall for. 

I love the dynamic between Jace and Shay. After those run-ins over the years, they developed this playful banter filled with inside jokes, slight smiles, and never ending arguments. You just can't help but wonder why they aren't together. Although they have their reasons, they can always find their way around them. Jace is such a charming character. Since it is from his POV, you can't help but swoon over the thoughts that ran through his head when their dynamic changes throughout the trip. He does go through quite a bit of character development and I love the way Mae has written it. I like how Jace discovers more about himself and doesn't know what he wants until it's right in front of him. 

I love the format of the book. Instead of the usual chapters, days and times marked the start and end of their journey. It's actually a refreshing change and you get reeled in even more.

4.5 STARS - Really liked it!

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