Saturday, October 17, 2015

Everything I Left Unsaid by M. O'Keefe

I'M BACK!! After a couple weeks of studying, I can finally post up some reviews! My first review will be the latest book I have completed. Then following book I will review later will be the ones I have read but didn't have the time to write reviews for. If you're wondering when I read them, I'll include dates finished in the end. So here it goes!!

This is my first book by O'Keefe! After reading the blurb, I was really curious of how it will all play out through phone calls. But after finishing the book, I was a little disappointed. 

Annie is the girl, who's running away from an abusive relationship and ended up in a trailer park, hoping to stay hidden. A ringing comes out of nowhere and it can't be hers....she left everything behind. Dylan's name flashes on an abandoned phone and she is left deciding to decline or accept. Curiosity wins and a very attractive voice answers (of course right?!) At first, everything is innocent but as they reveal bits and pieces of each other, it becomes intense. I'm not going to lie but their conversations were surprisingly hot but on a creepy side. I would be so uncomfortable doing that to a complete stranger! But as they continue this "relationship", they couldn't help but form a major connection and have a 'need' for that connection through the phone. But as more information is reveal and a dangerous situation looms around the corner, they would have to eventually meet. And when they do meet, I had a Beauty and the Beast moment haha That is when everything unravels and everything left unsaid is said. Would the revelations get in the way of their strange relationship? We wouldn't know because duh duh duh....there is a cliffhanger! Would I read this book again? Maybe not....but would I read the sequel? Yes, because I'm curious about how they will end up together. I'm hopeful for a HEA. 

Why not more that 3 stars? The layout of the book was a little weird. Annie's chapters were from a first person POV, while Dylan's chapters were from in third person POV. I wish the author would keep it consistent, alternating from Annie and Dylan's chapters from a first person POV. Most books I've read from alternating POVs were in that format.

3 STARS - I liked it!

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