Thursday, October 22, 2015

Falling Hard By Tina Wainscott

I'm a sucker for second chances romances! Filled with drama in a small town, Tina Wainscott's Falling Hard brings together two loves who didn't get the chance to fall in love the first time around. 

The moment they linked eyes at the race track seven years ago, Gemma knew she is a goner. Pax felt the searing connection as she walked up to his car. Even though they just met, he was tempted to kiss her right then and there. But Gemma couldn't...she couldn't get involved with a guy known for causing trouble. She was quickly thrown into a loop of friends who gave her a sense of belonging. Something she was looking for, for a long time. An unfortunate incident occurred, leaving her shamed by everyone, including Pax. She had no choice but to leave. 

After hearing about her father's accident, Gemma returns to take care of the only things she care about: her father and the B&B. When she crosses paths with Pax, she didn't expect him to fall on the list too. Pax knew he would run into her eventually but staying away from her was going to be difficult. He promised her father that he would take care of everything. With differences aside, Pax and Gemma have to work together until her father recovers. The more time they spend together, the truth begins to unravel and Pax doesn't know what to believe anymore. He begins to see the true Gemma and not the girl everyone described years ago. 

There was great character development in the book. Gemma grows to feel more comfortable in her own skin and finds her true self. Pax breaks down the walls placed my his family's expectations and follows his own dreams. Together, they discover new things about each other and fall in love along the way. Books with second chances are meant to have happily ever afters. A missed connection going in the right direction.

3.5 STARS - I liked it!

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