Saturday, October 3, 2015

Irresistibly Yours by Lauren Layne

You can never go wrong with a Lauren Layne novel. Her books are so sweet, funny, and filled with swoon-worthy guys (especially those in suits)! You can't help but fall in love with the them.

I'm a huge fan of her Stiletto series so when I heard about a spin-off with her Oxford guys...I almost died from happiness. You don't have to read the Stiletto series before this book but I would highly recommend it because you'll have some background information on the other characters in the book. You'll have a better understanding of their quirks and relationship dynamics. You just need the whole experience! 

Cole Sharpe is a freelance sports writer at Oxford, looking to join the team full time when they decide to expand the sports column. Wouldn't be so hard since he's buddies with most of them, right? Wrong. In walks Penelope Pope, who is a great contender with her special skills in sports history and writing analysis. Not only does she have the same tastes as Cole in sports but their attraction for each other is undeniable. So it's hard for them to resist each other when circumstances pull them together. Rules were set to prevent any clashes of personal and professional matters while not falling in love was on the top of their the agenda. My question is: How can you not fall in love?! Penelope has set up walls from previous infatuations and she can't accept the possibility of love in her life. But as Cole continue to surprise her with his amicable charm, there might be chance at more than just friends.... 

The plot is easy to read, filled with girlfriends who you wish were your friends, charming fellows who you wish were real, and humorous office powwows that will leave you wanting more. So excited for what Lauren Layne has in store for the next two in the series because I can't wait to fall in love with them too. (Especially Lincoln's)

4 STARS - Really liked it!

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