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EARLY REVIEW & EXCERPT - That Thing Between Eli and Gwen by J.J. McAvoy

That Thing Between Eli & Gwen

By: J.J. McAvoy
Release Date: April 21, 2016
Genre: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult

That Thing Between Eli & Gwen

Eli Davenport thinks he's found the perfect woman to be his wife. She's a doctor, like he is. She's brilliant, like he is. And she's wealthy, like he is.

Guinevere 'Gwen' Poe thinks her fiance is the perfect man. He's handsome, successful and he was her first...

But when Eli's bride runs off with Gwen's fiance on his wedding day, they are left to pick up the broken pieces of each other...

You just don't know what to expect when you pick up a J.J. McAvoy novel. She is one of those authors who can dip their toes into anything and it would still be amazing. She wrote a badass mafia series (Ruthless) with one of the most powerful book couples EVER. A forbidden romance (Black Rainbow) filled with so much tension, you can slice a knife through it. A twisted romance (Sugar Baby Beautiful) leaving you with a WTF just happened moment. And most recently, a second chance, suspense romance (Child Star) full of secrets, taking you on a roller coaster ride of emotions.

How will she up her game this time around? 
That Thing Between Eli & Gwen is not her usual action packed, suspenseful, thriller romances. Oh's more of a romantic comedy. But don't let this turn you away! J.J. McAvoy always has a couple tricks up her sleeve and I loved it as much as the others.

Eli Davenport - A hot-shot neurosurgeon, who plans everything, ready to tackle whatever life throws at him.

Guinevere Poe - A rebel artist, who goes with the flow of the world, not caring what people think.

Two people from different ends of the spectrum, brought together by an unfortunate circumstance.

How do you move forward from an abruptly broken relationship? A relationship you thought would last forever? 

You just do. You move ahead, letting time pass you by, not caring what people think, and avoiding anything that makes you think about your ex. But at the same time, you still have a hard time of finally letting them go. 

Eli and Gwen began with the same experience, which blossomed into something unexpected:
1.) They were strangers at a wedding, left at the alter and in the crowd by the people they loved. 
2.) They became enemies, hating how the other reminded them of their ex.
3.) They became friends, calling each other on their BS and truly understanding how the other feels. 
4.) They became lovers, finding comfort and opening up to the aspect of loving again.


THE CONNECTION. That connection between Eli and Gwen was beautifully written. You do not only feel it between the characters. You also build it with the characters as they try to find a way to move forward. That connection was filled with banter that will make you smile, gestures that will make you swoon, and surprises that will make your heart hurt (in both ways, good and bad). And let's not forget about the steam. Although I did find couple parts a bit cliche, their romance was just as sweet as it was sexy. 

THE OTHER CHARACTERS. It's not only about the main characters! Eli and Gwen each have a unique set of relationships with their family and friends. Family who help you understanding of how Eli and Gwen become who they are. Friends will make you laugh and wish their stories can be told. Secondary characters just add a little something extra to the plot when you need it. 

THE STORY. It just flowed perfectly. From one scene to another, you want to keep reading until you reached the end. But when you do reach the end, you don't want it to end. You just wish J.J. McAvoy would write a sequel so you can read more about Eli and Gwen. 




“Wow, she’s beautiful,” I whispered as the bride walked up the aisle, her makeup flawless to the point that her skin glowed. Her soft, honey-gold hair shined and her strapless heart-shaped dress clung to her every curve. Her blue eyes filled with unshed tears as she held her roses tightly, walking slow and steady. For a quick second I thought I saw her glance over to us.

I hope I look half as good as her on my wedding day, I thought, my eyes never off her as she made her way to the front.

It passed in a blur. One moment the pastor was saying something, and the next, Bash was no longer holding my hand.

“Hannah,” he called out, moving to the center of the aisle.

She looked toward him, looked to her groom, and then back at Bash.

My Bash. What…

“Don’t, Hannah.”


“Hannah,” Bash called to her.

Stop! My mind screamed.

But, to my horror, she let go of her groom’s hands and ran toward Bash.

I couldn’t breathe. I was up, knocking over my chair. “BASH!” I yelled.

But they were already running…hand in hand.



I stood in front of all our family and friends with Logan to my left. Finally the music started, and my gaze shot toward the doors of the mansion, waiting for them to open. I had known she would be beautiful, but she was absolutely radiant.

God, I’m so lucky.

With every step she took, the grin on my face grew, until her hand was in mine.

“You look beautiful,” I whispered.

She smiled, but didn’t say anything in return. In that instant, as the pastor began to speak, all the moments we’d ever shared together played in my mind: the very first time we met…our first operation together…first kiss…first night… Everything ran though my mind like a movie, the highlights of our life.

And this is just the beginning of so much more. Today is—

“Hannah,” someone called.

Hearing her name pulled me from thoughts. My head snapped to the man standing in the aisle with his hand outstretched to my soon-to-be-wife.

“Sebastian?” Logan questioned beside me.

Sebastian… The man calling out to my Hannah was Sebastian Evans, one of Logan’s closest friends. We weren’t close, but I knew of him.

“Hannah,” he called again.

Enough! My mind hollered as I took a step forward, but it was too late.

Hannah released my hand. She let go and never looked back as she ran toward him.

I stood there, too shocked to move or speak. That moment was hell on earth.

J. J. McAvoy first started working on Ruthless People during a Morality and Ethics lecture her freshman year of college. X number of years later, she is an insomniac who has changed her major three times, and is a master in the art of procrastination. If you ask her why she began writing, she will simply tell you “They wanted to get their story out.”

She is currently working on her next novel . . . so please bug her on Twitter @JJMcAvoy

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