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BLOG TOUR REVIEW & EXCERPT - Moth by Jennifer Foor


By Jennifer Foor

Release Day: April 25, 2016
Genre: Romance, Suspense, Contemporary, Crime

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After his stepbrother is found murdered following a drug deal gone wrong, DEA agent Timothy (MOTH) Douglas goes undercover to take down the people responsible.

Posing as a college student, he sets out to learn more about his estranged younger sibling, infiltrating his circle of friends to further help the investigation.

The moment he meets Windy Lewis he knows she holds the answers.

MOTH pretends to be interested in the mysterious woman, only to fall victim to his own desires. For the first time in his career his personal feelings take him down a road he may never come back from.

When MOTH gets in too deep he will have to make a choice. 

Justice or Love

Once in a while I'll be in the mood for a suspense read where you want to be taken on this roller coaster ride of events. So when I read the blurb about undercover DEA agent, wanting to unravel events tying the death of his stepbrother and a Guatemalan drug lord, it caught my attention. When love is involved, things are bound to get interesting. When his heart is on the line, will he choose justice for his brother or the love of a woman he has fallen for? Can he possibly have both?


PLOT LINE - From the start, you'll get a feel of Moth's life. When you're on the hunt to take down Alizar, there is no time for relationships. He's focused on keeping his team alive and uncovering the drug distribution plans and finally catching the guy. But, when there is a mole in the group, plans suddenly change and people start dying. A unexpected death, tying his brother to his mission, is just the icing on the cake. He'll do whatever it takes to take down the one man who decided to take things personally. The story flows pretty quickly from one event to another, with a couple twists I did not see coming. It was not as much of a roller coaster ride as I expected but it can still hook you on some spots, especially when Windy comes into the picture. 

CHEMISTRY - Moth was intrigued the moment Windy walks through the door. Of course the one woman he is attracted to, he can't have. That forbidden romance will build the tension that will take some bets off the table. Windy is certainly a mystery. When Moth's team start to uncover her past and discover that she may be linked to both his brother and Alizar, he'll want to get as close to her as possible. The closer he gets and emotions begin to arise, lines start to blur and he doesn't know who or what to believe. 


Right now I don’t give a shit who this chick is. I’m not treating her like a criminal, a victim, or a possible lead. Right now she’s just a beautiful woman I’m dying to fuck. With each stroke of her tongue I’m being hypnotized. She’s wrapping me around her little finger, and if I’m not careful I might get lost in this. It’s too good. She’s too perfect. Her kisses match mine like we’re old lovers. Her hands caress my arms as if she’s done this a thousand times. The more I try to back away the harder it becomes to even consider it. I’m a fiend. She’s my drug. I want to be addicted, because a single kiss has never felt this good.

One kiss. That’s all it takes for this chick to bring me to my knees. As much as I know I need to run out of there and clear my head, I remain. I don’t care about the backlash I’ll get from the guys. I don’t care about the danger, or her real identity. I’m living a lie because I know it’s the only way I can be close to her. My head is in my ass, and as long as it stays there I can continue carrying on this charade.

About Jennifer Foor

A Maryland native who spends most of her time devising a plan to live off the land on some remote island, where no one will ever find her.

She is a married mother of two kids, who may or may not drive her completely bonkers. In her spare time she enjoys shooting pool, camping and spending time with friends and family.

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