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BLOG TOUR REVIEW - Fighter Girl by Kathryn James

Fighter Girl

Kathryn James

Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: May 17th 2016
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult


“It began three days ago with a fight. Seems that for me, everything begins with a fight…”

Sammy Jo may be strong, fast and tough, even in heels, but she gets into trouble when she fights some local thugs to save a rich boy named Gregory.

Now bad guy McCloud is after her – and he’s even more dangerous than her forbidden love for Gregory.

Fighter Girl was published in the United Kingdom under the title GYPSY GIRL.

It's always a nice change when you have a strong female lead that drives a story. While most MMA or underground fighter books usually consist of strong, sexy male leads, it's interesting to see Sammy-Jo take on the role. Not only does she kick the other male fighters to the ground. She does what it takes to take care of her family. No matter how dangerous it may get. 

PLOT LINE - The fighter gene definitely runs in the Smith family. While it is unfortunate to have only daughters in this generation, the gene was bequeathed to the youngest Smith, Sammy-Jo. Known in the fighting world as Gypsy Girl, Sammy-Jo is known to beat many opponents who are mainly male. When an upcoming wedding is filled with drama and random expensive payments, she'll need a little extra money to help out her sister. On top of the wedding, more dramatic events will begin to unfold when they settle on the Langton property. From a golden eyed boy named Gregory to mysterious man named McCloud, she'll have to make sure this wedding will go smoothly. No matter what distractions or schemes may take place. This was a very quick read! Once you start it, events will begin to unravel as quickly as they began. 

CHEMISTRY - Gregory is one swoon-worthy character! Every time he shows up on the screen, you'll get flutters in your stomach. He is so adorable, it makes his interactions with Sammy-Jo extremely adorable. While they did have one meeting in the past, neither one can forget the other a few years later. That connection was instant. Maybe it was the mystery behind Sammy-Jo and her gypsy family that made Gregory more intrigued. The gypsy lifestyle did add another element to the story. It opens your eyes to a different culture. 

** 3.5 STARS **

Kathryn lives in Leicester with her family, writing full time (and loves that!) Kathryn always wanted to become an author and wrote her first story at age eight. But it took quite a while and lots of different jobs before she got published.
She's worked with gypsy and traveller children, working from a converted bus with a rainbow on the side, doing video and photography projects, and documenting travelling lives. 
Mist draws on and is influenced by her work with this community. 
She's also written scripts for a local video production company, many of them for children and teenagers. 

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