Sunday, January 17, 2016

121 First Dates by Wendy Newman

4 STARS - Really Liked It!
There are two sides to everything...especially dating. There can be the good dating where you meet a decent guy who just clicks with you. Where you can talk without any awkwardness or prolonged silences. He'll want to know you without talking too much of himself. A nice balance. Or it could be the bad experiences, where the guy never shows. Where a guy doesn't seem like the guy you thought he was. A disappointment. There will always be numerous dates but you'll eventually find the right one....right?

The description of 121 First Dates grabbed my attention. When I just read, I thought it was a book about various people telling their first date stories. After I found out it was only one person's experiences, I was intrigued. First thought was: that is a lot of dates!! How can one go on that many different dates? Nowadays, online dating is very popular and an easier way to meet people. So, it was interesting to read Newman's stories! It wasn't just mainly about every first date she had. It was more about what she learned from her experiences and wanted to pass it on to those who need help in the dating world. The incorporation of her dating stories made it even more fun.

She covers every dating topic...EVERYTHING. From what to expect with dating to what happens after the first date. Topics like the do's and don'ts of first dates, how to flirt, rookie mistakes. etc. Touching base on online dating: different sites, how to make yourself presentable, and how to move from online to the real world, Going into common questions people ask: when should you take a break, why isn't he calling, or what about sex? One of the most important topics she focuses on is yourself. How you should do things for you! Don't do things because you are expected to. It's more like you should love yourself before you put yourself out there kinda thing. You should put some time aside to take care of yourself. Especially if things don't go well for you.

If you're having bad dating experiences or haven't even dated, I think this book will give you great insight. Since Wendy Newman is a dating guru, I'm sure you might learn a couple new things!

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