Monday, September 14, 2015

This Love of Mine by Miranda Liasson

Just finished my first ARC from NetGalley today! This Love of Mine by Miranda Liasson is a cute HEA read. Overall Rating: 3 stars

When I read the description for This Love of Mine, I knew instantly that it will be a good one. I am a sucker for small town romances, especially series of which follow different family members/friends and their quest of discovering love.

Meg Halloran is an independent, tell it how it is kind of women. And Benjamin Rushford is a big hot shot, always gets what he wants kind of man. While she is busy running her own bridal store and he aiming to get a promotion as an ER doctor, fate throws them together again in an elevator years later. This may not be a second chance romance where a couple falls out of love and falls back again. But it is a second chance of putting everything that happened in the past aside and being able to fall in love. 

Why not 4-5 stars? 
Some parts of the book were easily predictable. I usually like a twist in the plot to make it more exciting. And everything that can possibly go wrong, went wrong and it all magically gets resolved. I just couldn't help but laugh at the parts when everything is just perfect and it all falls into place. It just wouldn't happen in the real world for me but it may for someone. If you like a book where every character gets a happy ever after, you will love this book! On the flip side, there was great chemistry between the two, swoon-worthy moments, and charming side characters! I love Grandma Gloria and her sassiness. Especially Ben's sister, Sam, and her own little drama with love. And I bet Sam will get her love story in the 3rd Mirror Lake Novel. I hope it is because it was actually one part of the book that was not fully resolved! I also love books with weddings and doctors it was good read overall! 

3 STARS - Like it!

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