Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Should've Said No by Tracy March

Where do I even start?! This is my first book by Tracy March and after reading this, I am definitely reading more books in this series. Should've Said No takes place in a small town called Thistle Bend. Although it's not real, it was based off of Crested Butte, Colorado (gonna add that to my list), which is filled with various mom & pop stores, beautiful scenery, and a handful of interesting characters. March reels you in to become part of it and it's just so darn cute.

It starts off with Lindsey Simms, a museum curator whose job went from organizing the Smithsonian in DC to a not so known place in the middle of nowhere. Although she may not like the change, it will be a challenge to organize the town's history when a feud between two families runs deep. (It had a Romeo and Juliet kinda feel to it) So who is the Romeo, you may ask? Carden Chreshaw. Not only is he the most eligible bachelor in Thistle, but the most swoon-worthy character. He knows how to woo a woman while not trying to woo a woman. haha The chemistry between the two is so strong that you wish there is someone out there like him. I just love it.

The feud is what drives the story. While trying not to take sides, Lindsey has to figure out the true story behind the land deal without getting on someone's bad side. As the history unravels, it gets harder for her to not reveal any secrets. Since Carden has a few secrets of his own, there is bound to be some drama. There may be a plot twist and it all depends on how good you are with predicting things. Overall, I love the way it is written. It's detail oriented, has alternating POVs, quirky secondary characters and great character development. You never know what might happen! Will the feud ever be solved? Will she finish what she is set out to do? Will they fall in love and live happily ever after? You just gotta read it. :)

5 STARS - Love it!

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