Friday, November 20, 2015

The Truth About Him by M. O'Keefe

The Truth About Him starts right where Everything I Left Unsaid left off. When one issue get resolved, another one pops up along the way...then another one and another one. The plot line keeps you wondering if they'll ever have a happy ending. While the first book was focused on Annie's story, O'Keefe has written a good transition into Dylan's story. 

The beginning questions the future of Dylan and Annie relationship. With the appearance of a forgotten character, will Annie face her demons in order to move forward? While events unravel, they leave her questioning her morality. Unable to stay away, Dylan wants to protect Annie after learning her secret. As his past catches up with him, Annie begins to understand why Dylan lives alone on the mountain. Threats are made against Dylan when his brother goes missing. In order to protect the people he care about, he needs to find Max. 

Why three stars? The plot was well written but a bit choppy. Similar to the first book, the author uses first person POV with one main character and third person POV with the other. If it was kept consistent, the writing would have been more smooth. Although there was was great chemistry between Dylan and Annie, readers might have a better connection with secondary characters than the main ones, leading to a loss of interest with the story. Without the secondary characters, the story wouldn't be as enjoyable. Overall, the story was good. O'Keefe keeps readers on their toes but it was a bit predictable.

3 STARS - I Liked It!

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