Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trouble with Destiny by Lauren Morrill

This is my second book by Lauren Morrill and I liked it as much as Meant to Be. Like all young adult books, the plot had a little bit of everything: drama, conflicting love interests, and lasting friendships. When it all takes place on a cruise makes it even more interesting. No matter how big the ship can can't run away from all the drama.

Liza's heart lies within her band. But with program on the brink of getting cut, she's determined to do whatever it takes to win the $25000 prize to keep it afloat. And it's not an easy journey...with an ex-best friend (Demi) as her top competitor, her childhood crush (Lenny) idling in the wings, and a band member (Russ) who's an ex of the enemy. Will she stand a chance against Demi? Will a relationship blossom with Lenny? Is Russ actually there to help them win or sabotage their chances? With the help of her friends, will she be able to win both the prize and a chance at love? 

The story is easy to read, characters filled with different personalities, and love interests stirring more competition. Overall, It was a very cute read but highly predictable. Like most young adult novels in a high school setting, you have your usual cliques: jocks, band geeks, and popular crew. Popular girls mingling with the hottest guys, belittling the band geeks and scheming to get on top. The outcome may be predictable but the journey there was interesting and the ending was very cute. 

Why not higher rating?
Character development and chemistry are two important factors in any story. Although there was some character development and love sparks, it all felt rushed near the end. It's nice to see a character develop slowly throughout the book. One moment, they rarely communicate. But the next, they become very close. Then, all of a sudden, they're together in the end. I just wished there was more time for the relationship to develop. Overall, everything just needed time to build.

3 STARS - I liked it!

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