Monday, January 4, 2016

Life's a Beach by Jamie K. Schmidt

Mini Synopsis:
How does it feel to have everything fall apart at once? Amelia Parker had it all. Waking up with the perfect cup of coffee from her favorite cafe before heading to a job she loves. Planning the perfect getaway trip to Hawaii with a man she loves. She just didn't expect to lose it all in one day...except for the non refundable trip. Might as well use it!

As she steps foot on the island and her eyes land on the hotel....matters only get worse. Nothing is really quite updated: with the use of old fashioned keys to hotel rooms and no elevators to get to your floor. But, the beauty of sandy white beaches and clear waters should make up for it all. 

Luck is just not on her side! Although an incident occurs on the beach, it leads her into the arms of a handsome fellow. A guy, Dude, who lays on the beach, sipping his beer, and occasionally giving scuba lessons. Except, it's not his true identity. People don't have a clue that he's the billionaire who owns the hotel. Samuel Kincaide's alter ego is the only way to get away from it all. All the stress and expectations that comes with Wall Street. And, his plans of selling the sad hotel change the second Amelia walks into his life. Tensions run high as events begin to unravel: his identity and dealing with a business tycoon who wants his property. Can he keep a hold on both his love and work life? 

Life's A Beach is actually a pretty cute story of starting over and trying to find oneself again. You can be the only person to pick up the broken pieces of your life and move forward! And Amelia does just that. Finding love just happens to be part of it too! I know it can be sappy but it's still cute! Like all cute love can be a bit predictable. They are easy reads, light and fluffy, and a good getaway from heavy filled drama romance books (if you read them!). The are even better when some steamy scenes are included! The relationship between Samuel and Amelia is charmingly predictable but there are some sparks that can make Samuel swoon-worthy! Although having an alter ego like Dude might be weird...the real Samuel is a great guy. He has the determination to fight for what he wants. He is willing to change or make changes for the better. He's also sweet and sexy at the same time. Who wouldn't fall in love with a guy like him? Overall, the book was good! Predictable but fun read.

3 STARS - I Liked It!

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